Swaddee Thai began in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2001 thanks to Entrepreneur Owner/Chefs Arin and Wendy.

Having experienced success and many accolades for  their restaurant business in their native country of Thailand, and at the insistence of their Western customers there, they saw an opportunity to bring to the U.S.A what was sorely lacking, authentic and well prepared Thai Cuisine served  in  fine settings.

And so their adventure began. First to Los Angeles, California, one of a handful of vibrant Metropolis restaurant mecca’s here in the U.S. It’s here in L.A.,1995, that Chefs Arin and Wendy honed their skills and perfected their culinary craft.

Seven years in the restaurant scene of L.A. prepared them well for their premiere launch of Sawaddee Thai-Scottsdale, Arizona (2001)

It became an immediate success and remains to this day in upscale Scottsdale, the city of which is deemed “The most livable city in the U.S.”.

Their motto/mantra being ” First in Fresh, Fine and Favorite dishes served with 1,000 smiles & kindness & respect at very fair prices”

And many thanks to both the loyal following of customers spanning this past decade and to the generosity of Mr. Howard Seftel of the Arizona Republic who bestowed upon us the very first and only ” 5 star ” rating for any Thai restaurant in the Valley. A landmark honor that generates new business for us to this day.

Chandler Sawaddee Thai was introduced in 2007 affording those in the east Valley a convienient location to Thai dine. Again, appreciation to the many wonderful customers who allow for our continued success in serving what we believe to be the very best of Thai Cuisine here in the North and East Valley’s.

Media attention, a myriad of awards to follow, and we continue to consistently and tirelessly provide the very best of Thai as we had promised at the outset.

We had the good fortune to further expand Sawaddee Thai to the Northern Arizona community of Flagstaff, Arizona in 2007.

What a delight this venture has become ! Many travelers/vacationers seek us out, the University community has been both enthusiastic and loyal, and again a cadre of local families whom choose to share an afternoon or evening with us. All of you have created a winning endeavor for us here as well, so many thanks.

For anyone unfamiliar with Sawadde Thai, please, we encourage you to come. It truly is the next best experience to that of visiting Thailand firsthand, and we promise no “Jet-Lag”.

Relax amidst fine Thai cultural surroundings, sip a Thai iced coffee/tea, explore a healthy and flavorful alternative to that which you may be accustomed to, and allow us to serve you like Royalty, after all you are Royalty to us!

Gratefully, Arin, Wendy and our many committed staff friends and family


Key team members

arin pouenmuang

Arin Pouenmuang

Swaddee Thai Creator

Swaddee Thai Creator



Swaddee Thai Scottdale Team

Scottdale Team

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